Aptinix Vice President Joins LCVFSF Board

on Friday, 27 September 2019. Posted in News

Patty Adams

Patty Adams, a Vice President of Aptinyx, a biopharmaceutical company, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Lake County Veterans and Family Services Foundation.

“Patty brings extensive Human Resources experience and skills,” said Paul Baffico, LCVFSF founder and president. “Also, she brings the invaluable experience of a parent dealing with her son’s military experiences. She has a passion for helping Veterans and family members. We are extremely happy that Patty is joining the Board.”

Patty learned about the foundation nearly three years ago when she and her husband Kevin were seeking help for their son Dean who was struggling with PTSD.

“I was looking for help for Dean, but also for us as caregivers” Patty explained. “The foundation has the name “family” in its title. So it came up when I did a search. We got immediate and effective help at a critical time for our family. To begin with, we learned that we weren’t alone.”

Patty and Kevin attended Service Connections, a meeting of other caregivers sharing what was going on, what was working and what wasn’t. “I learned that you don’t ‘get over’ PTSD,” she said. “You don’t fix it. You learn how to live with it.”

As her family began to heal, Patty looked for ways to “give back”, to express her gratitude with action. She and five others of her Aptinyx team raised $5000 for the foundation’s recent Ruck March.

Now that she serves on the Board, Patty will continue to look for ways to help Veterans and family members.

She’ll also continue her work at Aptinyx, a company that focuses on treating disorders of the brain and the central nervous system. The company’s work includes research on a treatment for PTSD. “I feel very fortunate that my personal and professional lives have intersected in such a meaningful way,” Patty said.

Baffico said, “We could not be more pleased with Patty’s decision to help us!

Welcome, Patty!